For years we have prayed and dreamed of being able to establish a Christian Community for persons who are mentally challenged and able to live on their own with supports. Siebern Heights is a ministry dedicated to providing a Christian living community in Rockledge, FL.

In their will, the Sieberns’ made it possible for us to buy a small apartment building, which is named Siebern Heights. The apartment building provides more than a safe environment. It also has a communal laundry room and air-conditioned storage lockers for the residents to provide extra space beyond their one-bedroom apartment units.

We have members who do not need the support of a group home and are living in their own apartments. Their parents were aging and they needed to make other living arrangements.  Many of our members who live on their own are in unsafe areas and have been taken advantage of by people.  Some were even hurt. Thanks to the generosity of the Siebern family, we have been able to alleviate some of those negative living conditions and provide a loving, clean and safe living environment.