The Vero Beach Gathering meets on Saturdays in the Youth Center of Pathway Church. There is a time of Praise and Worship, teaching from the Bible, a snack and time of fellowship prior to breakout into two Bible study classes.

Our members are a varied bunch, and run the gamut between persons who are independent living on their own with jobs in the community, to those who live with family and attend day programs, to those who live in group homes and participate only in group activities. Many of our independent members are picked up for attendance at chapel by volunteers who are active in the special needs community throughout the week.

On Saturday afternoons, members arrive in groups of two to seven, sweeping in with chaotic energy and glee. Praise and worship, led by our choir, prompts jubilation from many: clapping, shouted hallelujahs, and hands raised high to glorify our God. Prayer time is open to all attending, to both share burdens and to lift each other up in supplication. Both minister and teachers present the Word of God in a manner designed to feed the spirits of all who attend, regardless of any disability, without any condescension or dilution of God’s Word.

Our Choir has practice each week prior to the start of Chapel Service on Saturdays. Choir members also lead praise and worship during chapel services alongside the choir director. Functioning as Vero Beach Gathering’s outreach team, the Choir also visits local chapels to sing for special music during church services. If your church would like to request the Choir to sing, please call or text Rebekah Robbins at (772) 770-1011.



Saturdays 3:30-4:45pm

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We keep a directory of all the members from this gathering including pictures and contact information. To get the password for this page, ask your gathering leader.

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Other Vero Beach Gathering Events

While our chapel service is at the very heart of our ministry, we also have other activities and services:

Annual 3-day Retreat Joy scheduled for 2 weekends each year which includes Chapel Service and Praise and Worship, plus a variety of activities such as

  • Bowling,
  • Arts and Crafts,
  • Bingo,
  • Basketball,
  • Zumba,
  • Karaoke,
  • Swimming, and
  • Game Room Activities (shooting pool, playing ping pong, Foosball, board games, etc)

Additionally, there is a Dance where the Gym is decorated to the hilt and has an official DJ playing all the best music! On the final day, the entire group goes to a Theme Park such as Fun-Spot in Orlando or AndrettiThrill Park in Melbourne. Click on the following link to view a 2-minute video to see what our members think of a Retreat Joy they have attended! The meals are wonderful too! Check out our video!

We also do our best to assist with Advocacy, helping mentally challenged persons and their families advocate for themselves:

· We will serve as a third-party advocate for our members.

· We will attend support plan meetings when invited.

· We help our members, and their families, know their options.

Every Friday afternoon, many of our members meet up to go bowling at the Vero Bowl center. For more information, call Joe Tyler at (772) 321-6025

Various Socials including

· Free in Jesus Party (July)

· Happy Birthday Jesus Party (December)

· And others

Annual Christmas Play, where the choir sings and various members act as the cast and narrators for the story of Christmas.

Monthly Mailout of Newsletter ‘Connecting Point’ including Calendar of Activities and Events, as well as helpful current information on a variety of topics relevant to our members. The newsletter also contains contact phone numbers for our Vero Chapel and additionally has addresses and contact phone numbers for our other Chapels located in Merritt Island, Melbourne, and in Titusville.

The Vero Beach Gathering

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