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iSing Worship is a simple backtracking App.  It allows groups with little or no music leadership to have an array of titles to use with vocals and full instrumentals.  If you have someone who is good at singing you can take out the vocals.  If you have someone who plays the guitar you can also take out the guitar but still have a full sound.   

But there is more.  You can change the key the song is in and the tempo.  You can also arrange the song anyway you like.  You can take out verses, repeat verses, etc.  The program is then designed to hook into your projector and project the words onto a screen.  You can also change a word in a song.  In the great song, “In Christ Alone” where the song says, “No pow’r of hell, no scheme of man Can ever pluck me from His hand,” can you see how this would be more understandable by persons who are intellectually disabled.